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MySpice Boutique Introduces Home Shows:

  • In the comfort of your own home learn how to use different spices
  • Make natural, easy, healthy food
  • Benefit from Reema's home shows to create tasteful gourmet family meals
  • Discover the magical taste of Reema's fine & all natural spice blends

Reema breaks cooking boundaries:



mySpice Boutique Home Shows are Available in: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut & New Hampshire


Reclaim the Essence of Some of History’s Best Kept Spices in Your Kitchen


For centuries, the consuming aromas and tastes of the world’s finest spices have compelled great acts of exploration—delicately inspiring sensations of love, comfort and hope in those who delight in their flavor. India, a country as colorful to the eye as it is to the tongue, has appealed throughout history to our most inquisitive senses through its vast array of exotically enticing spices. Passed from generation to generation, the colorful romance of spices used in India have been secretly housed and explored by mothers and daughters, grandmothers and granddaughters, for centuries. Fueled by a desire to recapture this same passion and vibrancy in the food born of today’s modern kitchen, a fusion of versatile spices was conceived that enhances and romances any dish without overpowering it - MagicMix.

MagicMix offers a coveted peek into the art of weaving spices into a dish beyond the mundane act of simply flavoring it. Revitalize your cooking and bring it to new life with the alluring aroma that quickly envelopes you the moment it tickles your nose.

Not only is this mixture versatile - seamlessly working its way into meats, fish, seafood, poultry, vegetables, rice and almost any dish, regardless of how it’s prepared - it will take you on a wild adventure of discovery into the same beautifully intricate freshness and flavor that can be found in so many of the dishes prepared in India. MagicMix is free of any artificial additives, salt or sugar.

Cooking with MagicMix is a gourmet affair that even the most modest of amateur chefs can enjoy!

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